Day 2 – Saturday 2nd September 5, 2017

Saturday’s normal routine is to head to local local market in Colombo to purchase fruit and vegetables and then finishing our weekly shopping at one of the supermarkets. From what I have seen so far, all of the local fruit and vegetable markets are only accepting cash so I am expecting quite a challenge but I am determined to give it a go.

Once I get to the market, I speak to our usual guy we go to for our veg and another for our fruit, and as expected they only accept cash. How can I do this?

I go and speak to the owner of a store and explain that I need to pay using my Visa Card from now on for all my weekly purchases. He is extremely helpful and understanding and immediately says he can help and will organize a terminal to make the payment for any of the items I need to purchase within all the market stores! This was one of the areas I expected to be difficult however the owner’s willingness to go over and above to accommodate my request was very heartening and I manage to get all our shopping done using only my Card. Success!!  However, we ran into a dilemma when it was time to pay the lady parking attendant at the market who is grumpy most of the time.  Parking is only about Rs 40 which is not even 4 Australian cents.  Thankfully my driver was able to convince her that the owner of the market stall we had just been at would look after it otherwise it would have been a long walk home with the fruit and veg.

I spend the remainder of the afternoon with my domestic help explaining how I will help them to setup a bank account and get a Card so that I can make transfers to their account for which they can use their card to make purchases.  They don’t seem all that convinced, sort of reminds me of trying to teach my parents how to use a new electronic device.


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