Day 3 – Sunday 3rd September 2017 (Australian Father’s Day)

On Sunday’s my wife and I like to read the mountain of newspapers that I have delivered to our apartment to catch up on all the local and International news however I realize that I typically pay for the papers using cash each month!

I went and spoke with the apartment management and explain that I need to pay for the newspapers using a card. The immediate response is that it is wasn’t possible, however after a bit more discussion I explain that I can pay in advance, via electronic transfer, for the papers and this seemed to solve the problem of paying for our papers with out using cash.

Sri Lanka is playing India in the 5th and final ODI in Colombo and friends and I agree to go to the game for the Australian father’s day to hopefully see Sri Lanka win the final match. I manage to get to the game again without any trouble using UBER however, when we get the there I realize that all the stores I see for food, drinks and merchandise are only accepting cash. Once we find our seats I can’t help but think if there is anywhere in the stadium that will accept a Visa Card to make a purchase for anything so I head off in search.

After more than an hour walking around the ground searching and talking with what felt like the entire stadiums staff, there is not one place that will take a card payment including all the food and drinks stalls!! Additionally the ques at each stall are long and everyone is fumbling through their wallets to pay and the staff are often running out of change. I speak with the staff during a moments break and they explain that it’s not a problem and each time they run out of change they just send someone to get more change while the customer waits…Hmmmm maybe a should have talked with one of the customers left waiting for their feedback!

I tried to convince one of the head security guys to allow me to leave the ground to go and purchase drinks and snacks outside the ground where they accept card, he was willing to help me our but when it came down to it he was no where in sight and the other security guys wouldn’t have a bar of it.

It was amazing how may people felt sorry for me when I told them I had no cash and could only pay by card.  I had many of them offering to purchase food and drinks for me but I kindly declined their generosity.

A senior guy from the cricket ground got wind of my dilemma and came down to discuss the lack of terminals to allow electronic transactions at the various vendors.  An international cricket ground that does not accept card payments is very surprising.  We plan to meet at a later date to fix this problem hopefully before the English cricket team comes to Sri Lanka next year

The game’s result ends with India winning quite comfortably and me heading home in an UBER having not managed to buy anything within the stadium.


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