Monday 4th September 2017

I take my driver (and good friend) to one of the local banks to get him setup with a bank account and card. Overall, the process is rather simple and his Visa Debit card is operational.

I take him out to the ATM to check the card is working and I show him how to check his balance when the ATM without any warning takes his card! We then go back into the branch to try get the card back which eventually we do and there is no explanation as to why the ATM took his card.

This was his very first electronic transaction (non-financial) experience at an ATM or POS for which I could see left him not feeling very confident to trust the reliability. I try to reassure him that was not typical and I could not explain why it happened.

As we leave, he ask me again, ‘what would happen if it was a Sunday and the bank branch was closed? How would I access my money?’, a difficult question to answer honestly when I’m trying to build trust in the world of electronic commerce. I go with the truth, that he would need to call the bank and speak to an operator who would be able to help or wait to the next day to access the bank branch and speak to someone in person. Two steps forward and one step backwards I guess…


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