Friday 8th September 2017

I realize traveling around Sri Lanka on a 3-wheeler for 8-days may not be everyone’s cup of tea but imagine you could drive! I head to the Automobile Association (AA) of Sri Lanka to get an international license, which would allow me to drive (for a limited time) a 3-wheeler. Having been a passenger now many times around different parts of Sri Lanka, I have always wanted to be in the driver’s seat, so I decided for this tour that I would.

I arrive at the AA building in Colombo and realize as I am discussing the license with the helpful staff that there is no POS terminal anywhere in sight. Like many local Government utility operators, cash is widely used instead of card so I begin to get nervous and cautiously ask if they will accept a card payment. I’m in luck this time as the staff explain they do accept Visa cards for payment and they begin looking for the POS terminal which is hidden on a shelve somewhere under the counter.


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