Monday 25th September 2017

I head out to lunch with Michelle to one of our favorite local eating-places for lunch. Sri Lankans love food more than you could imagine and boy, they cook great food! I have become accustom to a dish called black pork curry, which is traditionally served with rice. The waiter knows what I am about to order but asks anyway just in case I have decided to try something different (not today).


Today I notice there are a lot of tourists around for lunch and almost everyone is paying using cash. It gets me thinking about how much tourists just expect that cash is a preferred option of payment in Sri Lanka rather than using their cards in the same way most would back in their home countries. I’m sure a really simple question from the staff such as ‘would you like to pay using your (Visa) card could change a lot of that consumer behavior – or would it? Another item to add to my growing list – Educate & Communicate with Tourists!

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