Saturday 30th September 2017 The grand finale

Today is my last day being cashless and I head off early with friends (via an UBER) to watch the AFL grand final at a popular local café. We spend a good part of the day there and watch as the team I wanted to win, win (no offense to Adelaide supporters). Throughout the day I have many people ask me what I have I learnt from the last 30-days being cash less. I think about it and rather than give them a very corporate response, I can only say that despite all the challenges I had, the future of opportunities is extremely bright in Sri Lanka for consumers and business owners and the country is going through a state of digital evolution that will change everything in the years to come. I truly look forward to being part of this evolution and witnessing first-hand Sri Lanka’s growth to becoming a mighty powerhouse across Asia.

For those of you who have followed my journey, I want to say thank you for reading and your feedback and comments. The support has been very overwhelming and I appreciate it. Clearly, this does not end here and I feel it is just the beginning of what has to come – one Visa step at a time.


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